Monday, 11 May 2009

Another loss.

Cycled to work today 7c wind 300mph. On the way i came through the centre of ashton. This place is where me and my mates used to meet. Was a very popular pub.the loss of this is nothing to do with the smoking ban but the opening of places like the ash tree. It was the pitt and nelson!


  1. I think we’ve lost about half the pubs in Ashton now. Before I moved here, I remember the Sunday night trips to Ashton, with my brother. The place was bouncing. So busy you struggled to walk down the pavements. Hard to believe now as even on a Saturday night, the place is dead.

  2. Anonymous11/5/09 13:05

    I thought the Pitt and Nelson lost its way when it changed its name to 'The Bedroom'.

  3. No. The bedroom was someones effort at opening a trendy bar go ashton In the same building that was the pitt and nelson after it shut.