Monday, 18 May 2009


This is the scene looking up and down the A627 ashton road at Hathershaw. As you can see the traffic is static heading towards Oldham. This is because they shut honeywell lane for pointless works and noone bothered telling the people who programme the traffic lights that more traffic is coming. The lights at chamber road only let a few cars through and this is the result in rush hour. I can see 4 409 buses all sitting In the traffic. Then people moan that there are no buses.shocking.

PS i use this garage on the corner they are very good lol.

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  1. Anonymous20/5/09 08:53

    Yes the garage (New Life) in your picture is a good one to use, as a friend of mine that used to work at Oldham Depot (First Manchester) uses them for MOTs

    Also the owner doesnt live to far away from where I live