Monday, 18 May 2009

Home time.

Finished at 1. Have just been to the steam room at ashton pool. Didn't stay long it was horrid. Looks like it hasn't been cleaned for weeks. Yuk. Will stick with copley. I left the car at home today. Just got on a 409. We get free travel on all buses In manchester which is a huge perk of the job. How much is a system 1 annual with metrolink? This picture is from the first bus stop on Oldham road looking down the side of ikea. Train tracks always seem to make a good picture. And no i don't spot trains either lol.


  1. Absolutely no evidence remains now of the old Ashton Oldham Rd railway station that branched to the north at this junction.

  2. there are so many old lines around this area. weird how after all these years people want them back, bit like the canals. we close them then people want them reopening.