Friday, 8 May 2009

Hyde road chaos!

Thursday rush hour. Hyde road (a57) closed both ways at Gorton what else could go wrong. This bus broke down just before the turn onto hyde road making matters worse. It was quickly moved but hyde road is still shut so i'm so glad i'm not on the 7's again this morning. Got in 40 minutes late last night!


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  2. Anonymous9/5/09 00:30

    But why is the road closed. I was waiting for the 203 more than 45 minutes last evening. I'm glad that I came to work at the time this morning. Hope that will be opened again at Monday :-)

  3. There was a massive water leak which forced the water board and the police to close the road in case it collapsed. It has now been reopened and all should be ok. Sorry you had to wait. but the volume of traffic made the queue of traffic very long. Now you might think that a 10 minute service which is 45 minutes late will still be 10 minutes behind the bus in front and hense still be a 10 minute service. Well no. because the cars in between can find different routes and drivers hours mean we do have to take some buses off this is why you still get big gaps in these conditions. Once again sorry but all if good now.

  4. Anonymous10/5/09 02:02

    Thanks for the reply!!!