Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Somewhere New!

This is the new terminus for the 50 service from September.
Salford quays/media city will be served by an 8 minute service in peak times with a 10 minute service throughout the rest of the day and 15 in the evening. I will be working a lot on the route to see it runs well. I think its going to be very interesting to see how it goes. Especially with it being a part of Manchester mainly run by First Bus.It replaces the Salford Qualys link run by Maytree which i think are in Bolton. I was chatting to some of the drivers when i visited and they all seem a bit sad to lose the route.

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  1. Anonymous16/8/12 13:10

    I came across your blog while looking for travel information for Manchester and found this quite interesting. I'm on business for two months starting at the beginning of September and I'll be staying in a serviced apartment in Manchester city centre, but I'm working in Salford Quays. I was aware of the Quaylink service and had been told it was quite good but didn't know it was ending. I know you've said you'll be working to see this new service runs well, but do you think it will cause a bit of a disruption while it's settling down? Thanks, Raj