Friday, 31 August 2012


Had my first ride on a new first bus today. It's very purple inside however the seats are also pretty comfy. Got one going home too which turned into an adventure after the driver decided it was ok to start smoking whilst he drive the bus. Long story but hopefully he won't be doing it again. Off Now until Sunday. That's my last day in Ashton for a while. My new home is the 50 service and expect lots of blogs of the launch on Sunday and the days to follow. Good times are to come.


  1. That's just crazy smoking on the bus. I smoke myself (as you can probably tell), but there's no way I would do it on the bus - we get enough time at lay-overs etc. I actually saw one of the new enviros being used on the 58/59 today.

  2. Theres a young guy who often drives the evening 409's and very often lights a fag as he's leaving the bus station.
    Completely unbelievable. Shows what little respect some drivers actually have when there given the honour of driving a brand new bus, which has cost a hell of a lot of money and they smoke in the cab, with a bus full of punters.

  3. Plus it's just not worth the risk of losing your job, with all the cameras on-board. It's not exactly hard to wait a few extra minutes to the terminus before lighting up. Even on an older bus without cameras, it's just not worth it.