Friday, 10 August 2012

Having a change

In working in chorlton today so I thought I'd give the early morning tram a try. I just parked on block lane because I wasn't sure about spaces at mumps. Online said there was none. I'm waiting for the first tram of the day which is 6am from mumps. I need to be in chorlton at 7. I'm hoping to use the tram more to save on fuel costs bit this will only work if it's reliable.

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  1. Andrew Bott12/8/12 09:27

    Not often I see Stagecoach Inspectors at Chorlton these days to be honest, mind you I noticed one of your collegues watching 192s this week Manchester bound at Stockport Road/Slade Lane junction.

    As for reliability I've actually heard that since it opened the Oldham line has been the most reliable of all the lines Metrolink lines with only the odd problems noted and most of these have been as a result of something happening elsewhere on the network