Saturday, 4 August 2012

Something wrong here? Maybe

Just heading out to town for a night out and noticed this bus stop in Oldham outside Aldi. I'm a bit curious as to the 400 being on it. Any ideas?


  1. Yep, it's the new Oldham Metroshuttle which quietly started on Monday just gone.
    Part funded by Oldham council and TFGM the hope it will inject some much needed life into the town centre like the similar service did in Bolton some years back.
    Manchester community transport are operating the service using one of their little Merc minibuses until September when one of the hybrids currently used on the Salford crescent 9 service will be permanently allocated to the service.

  2. Anonymous4/8/12 22:14

    It would also be the wrong stop for the old 400 Trans-Lancs Express route: they used to go via King Street or George Street (outside St. Peter's Precinct). On its launch, the 401 used to begin at Town Square Bus Station before continuing to Wigan via Middleton.

    1. The new 400 will serve King Street when it re-opens again. Some of the maps does show the service running along there and the buses does display 'Kings Street' on its destination display

  3. Splendid then. The 400 is back!