Thursday, 17 November 2011

New arrival.

Not much going on at Ashton this week apart from this next hybrid turning up. It's one of dukinfields new buses and looks very smart indeed. It's the first one with a few more to follow in January i'm told.


  1. Good to see some new hybrids around, some one said they were supposed to be on the 380/1/6 routes.

    31927/29/43 still in service as for now but 40374 seems have to returned back to Ashton, seen on the 350. There might be a few more darts to come yet. The oldest darts40871/78/79 not seen in service at all this week, 42175 seen in service on the 348 till it brokedown right outside of the rear exit gate of Tameside college.

    I think the double deck are to move to Oldham this weekend.

  2. seen 40879 today on 350 yes double decks are moving to Oldham 40368 is back aswell I think 40363/66 are coming back aswell 63 was on loan last year 40871 might be having MOT done

    yes new buses are for 380/81/86

  3. also the remaining HPU darts in west yorkshire bar 40877/42178/81 are withdrawn or scarpped so you never know

    40356 is spossed to be at Ashton but seems to have gone back to Bolton I have it as on loan there

  4. james driver first pennine (former pmt)19/11/11 13:32

    guys i ve just noticed there isnt only one just looked on john glovers photos the one he photod on thursday is jhu and this is jhl so there is at least 2 at duki so they should i think be in service by december

  5. will they get rid of some of the old solos 3 are spoosed to me moving to Oldham but they will have to keep some for the 353/54 because of the narrow streets

  6. I was thinking the same, a few solos to move to Oldham when the rest of the new buses arrive. Ive seen Darts on the 353/4 before. Usually at nights and Sundays.

    Im guessing if they do move a few solos to Oldham, guessing they will be 40312/3/4/27.
    40311 moved to Chester around 2 months ago.

  7. seen a photo of 40311 fully repainted just had it confimed that 40366 is now back at Dukinfield

    I was thinking the same on solos as they can use the 54s on 419 and 350s etc

  8. are the new hybirds in service yet and if so what are the fleetnumbers

    no transfers out yet so if this does not happen they will have 7 extra buses and with the depot been small more buses parked out on roadside next to it