Sunday, 27 November 2011

Nearly That Time

Doing my company boy bit today. No work today so i thought i would share the details of the Christmas services. I'm off on most the days luckily. Back in Ashton tomorrow where hopefully it's a lot better than it wa last week.

Last week we saw the traffic lights on Stockport Road stuck on Red so nothing moved for a while. until someone with a bit of sense turned them off ;) and then the traffic cleared.
And then Friday saw a broken down waggon at the Gunn inn. So every bus from Glossop was very late. Not an ideal day but it kept me busy.


  1. Glossop was a nightmere on Friday, the car transporter broke down just before 6.45am and wasn't moved till 12.45pm so caused massive chaos, however the broken down bus in Tintwhistle didn't help.
    Surley a way of keeping things on track would have been to divert all 236's heading out of glossop through Tintwhistle [so following 237 route] to keep things on track, Stagecoach normally do the opposite when snow strickes sending 237's on 236 route!

  2. Did think of that don't worry but traffic was also backed up to Tintwistle. Everything ran out of both ends and not a single bus left ashton no more that 5 minutes late so we coped.

  3. Caught 34293 on the 348 back to Stalybridge and also saw 31952 which is back on loan to pioneer again?
    How many more new loans??

  4. not sure on holiday from work this week so not been in Ashton

    just got a fleet list of first manchester/pioneer and it gives 68204/5/6 as pioneer buses find out they will be kept at Oldham depot for Pioneer school services