Monday, 21 November 2011

Etihad Tram Stop

Here is a look at the new metrolink station at the Etihad stadium. I was interested to see how they were going to cope with ticketless passengers and it seems a very similar situation to Old Trafford tram stop on match days with passengers having to pass through ticket booths rather than the usual pay machines you get at most stations.
Seems well thought out although to get an Ashton bound tram you must cross the line. Can see that being fun when thousands of people come out at once.


  1. some people try to get on the normal trains without buying a Ticket hope they do better on the trams

  2. They should refurbish the station outside Old Trafford same as the one shown above, Have some Manchester rivalry within transport.
    40408 seen on the 348, has to be a loan from Oldham sayin that 31938/52 may have returned from loan. 40363 still a ? at the Moment.

  3. 31948 also on loan

    as for 40363 do not think it is coming 40374 was to have gone to Bolton but came here instead

    not seen 40433/35/36 this week looks like they have gone to Oldham now

    40408 is a loan they lost one of this batch last month 40414 wrecked by engine fire and now at Bransley along with 34255 60331/41/60435/39 and 60132

  4. 40374 yet to have the Dukinfield spec of Destination blinds fitted, as for 40366/68 both have the Dukinfield spec blinds fitted.

    40433/5/6 have gone to Oldham, Darts seen on the 408 indicates they have moved. So it looks like 31927/9/43 may not go Oldham after all.

    Is 40414 unrecoverable from the engine damage?

  5. james driver first pennine (former pmt)23/11/11 20:12

    benzo if you read what i told mic the deckers will go bar 2 after xmas. one for 350 moss hollins journey and one for 348 to accomadate copley and west hill schools after xmas oldham will have a dedicated unit of school buses and drivers. so all yellow buses for tameside stockport and oldham. and buses currently allocated for schools at duki will move to oldham along with the vehicles

  6. the yellow buses 68218/19 are all ready at Oldham have been since 2010

    40414 has gone to PVS a few weeks back


    which deckers will stay at Dukinfield been on 31943 tonight it was only showing half the dentistion on its front 31948 and 40408 on loan to Pioneer at the moment

  7. anyone seen darts 40871/78/79 not seen them for a bit saw 42175 today on 350

  8. been on 40879 on 350 From Oldham to Mossley Mic.

    And also been on 40436 on the 408 and 40362 seen on the 408 aswell. A small section of 31943's LED display has broke but the rest and the far right of the display is working allowing the route number to still show correctly.

    I went on 42175 just over a week ago, the voith unit sounds pretty knackered and im not surprised why it brokedown out side of Tameside college.

  9. By the sound of their engines, gear changes and general roughness, those P reg Pointer Darts (both P-HPU and P-LND) have had it. They will certainly keep the recovery contractors busy anyway, 'til First finally see fit to consign them all to PVS!

  10. 40337 is the best of the P reg darts not one rattle wonder if 40436 is been kept at Dukinfield then

  11. this is the fleet list for Pioneer

    4 Hybird versas numbers not known
    90029 fork lift truck
    90432 people carrier
    90434 combo van

  12. withdrawn pioneer list buses stored allover


  13. missed out 40135 on list

  14. "53143/50" should read "53143-50". Unless Pioneer have suddenly got rid of 6 of their finest (excl. new Versas)!

  15. Returning to the blog post topic, the stadium of a world class football team like City, deserves a world class tram stop.

  16. whoops slip of finger on keyboard

  17. 40871 been at Bolton for Mot

  18. noticed Hyde road buses on 231 todaySat 26th is that normal i thought it was covered by Ashton Depot.

  19. There are two Hyde road buses running on the 231 on Saturday.