Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Nothing doing.

I'm off today and the glorious weather has brought me out to the airport on the bike. It's the first run out of the year. Been so busy with work have let myself go a little so time to get my act together and get some exercise. Although not much going on here. I have been at the end of the runway for about 30 minutes and not seen a thing. Gonna head into town and back up the metrolink trail to ashton to see how thats going.


  1. You will find PP O'Connor digging up the central reservation/groundworks in progress on Lord Sheldon Way and work in progress on the terminus at Ashton Bus Station

  2. M Branson22/3/11 19:49


    Great to see yuo posting on here again. Yes it was slorious today, I nearly went to work on my bike today but it seemed jus a few degrees too cold this morning. Can't say I was happy wih myself later for making the decision not to.

    You must have been at the wrong runway to see nothing in 30 minuets, I thought they had something coming in and out about every 30 seconds or so.

  3. Looks like you're at the beach - not Ringway! Ho ho.