Friday, 25 March 2011

Not too bad

Had a week in Ashton bus station today. Been pretty good actually. I think the roadworks are easing off a little at the moment. Today was the busiest for me but Fridays are normally different than the rest of the week as some people still finish work early. Found out the details of the new fares today. All tickets are going up from the 3rd april. However the rises are very minimal with just 50p on mega riders and the introduction of a child day ticket once more. But suprisingly the easy rider has dropped to bring it in line with the new half fare policy which is being introduced on the same day. So much going on at the moment which will take an age to explain yet everyone should be pretty educated after just a few days. The new ticket machines start to use the swipe feature on pte chipped cards although i'd rather see the satnav feature first but who am i to say lol. The pic by the way is first at oldham. Just picking a mate up thought i would have a quick snap.


  1. looks like Oldham depot in the photo with 2 of those people carriers they have

    first bus 60449 has moved to Birkenhead depot

  2. The fare rises aint that bad, 50p dosen't buy you much these days so an extra one a week on top of £11 wont be too painfull.

    As you've been at Ashton all week can i be really cheeky and ask a question.
    Why have GMPTE put the daft diverison in place in Stalybridge for buses coming towards Ashton, the old diversion and the one buses follow going towards Glossop along Acres Lane was far better.

  3. should get details on sunday of the First Chester/Birkenhead depots 60447 to 49 been at the latter only 60447 in service up to now

  4. Anonymous3/4/11 16:50

    60449 was in service on Saturday on 38's (New Ferry - West Kirby)!!! 60447 is in use on schools & 60448 is currently laid up VOR & hasn't yet turned a wheel in revenue earning service!!!

  5. thanks for that wonder if any more will turn up there I get weekly bus news and am still waiting for last sundays updates as the chaps modem blew up 31923 is now based at Ashton who also have 40225 on loan