Friday, 11 March 2011

No need.

Working in Ashton today. Can never understand why first and speedwell drivers let people off on wellington road instead of inside the bus stations like they are supposed too. I would be a bit miffed if it was raining and i had to walk all the way around to catch my next bus. Anyway. Quiet upto now but fridays normally throw in little suprises. We will see.


  1. You missed out Stagecoach, alot of Stagecoach buses do it too even though apparently they arn't supposed to.
    I was on a 237 yesterday and the driver pulled up there to let everyone off, its also extremely dangerous, passengers often get off and walk infront or behind the bus directly into two lanes of traffic.
    Its even worse when drivers stop to let passengers off on the layover area, even though it has signs saying 'no alighting'.

  2. that does suprise me. I would show some protest if i saw one of our drivers doing as you say its very unsafe and a huge inconveniance.

  3. Its something that GMPTE should be dealing with. If a service is registered to terminate in the bus station, thats where it should do.
    Sadly as a mere normal passenger my protests always fall on deaf ears.

    On another note is it true Day/Mega riders are about to go up???

  4. Whilst i have seen no evidence that tells me fares are going up. I would say any raise in the price of a day or weekly ticket is totally acceptable as they would still be great value for money compared to other operaters in the area and even other stagecoach companies throughout the uk.

  5. Check out the windows on most of not all Stagecoach buses, over the last few days the price section of the display has been removed.

    I would agree, £11 for 7 days travel is very good, as is £3.50 for a full days travel, im just curious as to what the new price will be and hope Stagecoach give its passengers plenty of notice.