Sunday, 6 March 2011

March on!

Seems that there are a lot of people with lots to say at the moment. In manchester yesterday and these was a large amount of people protesting council but backs and today theretir a group protesting about the lybian government? What use that does i have no idea. I'm on a late tonight at Owens park. First part was on the 216 stand in town though which was very uneventful indeed. Day off tomorrow which i need. Back on Tuesday to another late shift.


  1. I do believe there was a similar scenario when protesters appeared at the Gardens over the Gaza Strip issues... problem being someone lied down over the tram tracks... how that helps, I don't know lol

  2. This looks scary! I wouldn't want to have been there when this was going on.

  3. They do it to bring global attention to there cause, and cause misery for everyone else lol.

    Great to say you back posting Oldham100, your posts have been much missed.