Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I'm just on a 216 heading to Piccadilly. We were making good progress until we passed Ryecroft hall then all of a sudden long slow moving traffic. I can see 5 buses in the traffic which is not very good and i blame Tameside council. I think there organisation along with help from the pte or whatever they want to call themselves is absolutly disgusting. I feel so sorry for the residents and people who have to use public transport along this route. This service was brilliant before use stupid tram works started and all we hear now is how bad things have become. There is nothing coming the other way but yet we are still sat at temporary lights surrounded by workers who are doing very little. With a bit of luck i might get to piccadilly by lunchtime!


  1. The blaim should actually point to TFGM or GMPTE or whoever they are this week. Day to day traffic management is down to them.
    In my opinion they shold have done the Metrolink in stage's.
    First stage being to Eastlands, then to Droylsden, then to Snipe retail park with the final leg going onto Ashton.
    Its like one long nightmere travelling into Manchester now and everytime i use the 216, there never seems to be any progress.
    Interestingly i heard a couple of passnegers ask a Stagecoach driver in Ashton on Monday where to catch the 216, he told them they would be better off using the 219.

  2. best bet is a 10 train ride to Manchester

  3. I prefer the 219 too, getting caught up on the 216 along with a few more infront.
    I can just sit down and relax on the 219, as for the 216 I would be worrying about getting to manchester on time.

    firstbus 40324 not seen around for a while now??

  4. 40324 could be having MOT 40871 back now been on twice today on 350

  5. 40135 and 40317 have moved from Pioneer to Oldham

    so Pioneer fleet as of 9th today is

    53143 to 53150

    YJ 06 YSG and 31952 on loan

  6. I have been told that the first stretch of tram track, from piccadilly to eastlands is 2 to 3 mm out, and is all going to be ripped out and re done, jobs for the boys eh ?

  7. Wasn't the stretch of track from Piccadilly to Eastlands surposed to be up and running by the start of season ( August )??

  8. james driver first pennine (former pmt)14/12/11 17:02

    mic you missed out 40317 still duki and 34098 is on loan. and 31943 will have its led replaced this week it was using paper destinations again today and thep---hpu darts all needed a part rectification so were vor`d for a fortnight (before my net died)

  9. had that reported as a transfer to Oldham in Sundays weekly bullten news has it not gone is 40436 still here

    40871 back in use sounding good

    40356 not coming back now was seen in Bolton with Bolton blind in but still First Pioneer legals

  10. 40135 still at Ashton, not sure with 40317.
    40374 probably came Ashton instead of 40356 returning back here.
    Not seen 40001/40324/7/66/8/403 anywhere for quite while now? 40384 freshly repainted, maybe others are there for a repaint

  11. james driver first pennine (former pmt)15/12/11 12:36

    one of them still is still here either 435 or 436 40317 and 40135 were still ashton based on monday the above mentioned darts are due for tax n mot the solos 324/327 were mot`d last week and are back on duties

  12. 40366 was on 350 last Saturday would be 40436 still here

    31938 on loan again

  13. james driver first pennine (former pmt)15/12/11 20:17

    31952 bk at oldham
    40135 on 348`s and 40317 was on staff shuttles today
    and 34098 still has all the south yorks information and stickers what joy lol

  14. apart from 40135/317 due to move and 40436 aswell any more coming here to Pioneer