Friday, 23 December 2011

Off out.

I just want to start by saying I appreciate the comment of anon on a previous post. It's the kind of comment that makes me want to keep blogging. He is clearly well upto date with movements within management and cares about the company he works for. And i agree! . I must apologise if i sounded a little biased about the fare increase. Lets not forget i wouldn't be able to comment in a negative way or would want to if it was stagecoach. So lets not also forget that first do run very quality services. Including the one i am on now. I'm on the last 83 to Manchester which is the 2325 from oldham. Always turns up and it's free. Lucky me. I can sit here chuckling away at people paying. Anyway. Nice to see some great constructive comments on something i do to pass some time. I'm off now until the 28th so Happy Christmas and see you all soon. X


  1. went on 32515 last saturday a B7 on 184 layout differs that they have a smaller rear window

  2. 32515 was an EX West Yorkshire that came over to Oldham few month ago - 40135 seen yesterday in service in Ashton.
    40001 is no longer with Ashton but still no sign of 40324/40403.
    34095/6/8/40433/31952 current loans to Ashton.

    22165/28507 not to be seen in 3 weeks now - anyone else seen them.

  3. Enjoy your break thank you for your 'blog' I check it each day and enjoy reading your news. May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas snd all the best for 2012.
    Happy 'blogging.'

  4. engine gone on 28507 it's parked up in ashton depot. Along with 19066 and 19112 also with engine issues.

  5. 32515 is a west yorkshire bus belongs to Huddersfield as it and 37289 where on 184 last saturday Manchester only have B9s no B7s

    31952 spends more time at Ashton then at Oldham

    not seen 34096 yet

  6. Bezno

    40135 not now going to Oldham 40315/16/17/40436 have gone there

    I wonder if 34095/96/98 might stay at Ashton

    not all the T-KLFs are coming to Manchester 34101/7 are at Halifax

  7. Benzo

    34093 also on loan to Pioneer