Monday, 31 October 2011


Just noticed this not so old bus on the 389 service. It's an oldham depot bus which comes off Maple school and then does a few trips on here. Unusual to see. The other picture is an optare which wouldn't start and ended up getting dragged to depot by this huge tow truck.


  1. the solo is 53149 that tow truck is from Bolton

    yes the double deck comes of 802 school service at Hyde

    Dukinfield only have 3 double decks now officially 31927/29/43

    first manchester tow truck 90128 E587 BNE has gone to SELNEC to be perserved

  2. james driver first pennine (former pmt)1/11/11 02:34

    mic if you zoom in you will see it is gzb (ie 53144) which in at oldham minus its front cos its mount under drivers area snapped along with i think the drive shaft (dont quote me on it )

  3. whoops it looked like GZG