Thursday, 13 October 2011


This was the result of an impact with a car hitting this bus at about 30 mph. It will take a lot to get it fixed but it shows how tough these buses are when they are hit. Am off for a couple of weeks so not many posts and the weather means no bike rides either sadly. I'm back next friday. Not sure how this picture will look, it was sent by a friend at Ashton.


  1. ironic its advert says keep youre distance driver obviously couldnt read lol

  2. 19118 saw it back in use yestaday

  3. That's because the message is only in English!

  4. Ive heard that the 397 Hyde and Glossop bus is to be withdrawn from the 30th October. Another bus to lose from Glossop aswell as the 239 a few months ago.
    Also wondered that the Tameside hospital is known as Tameside and Glossop health care trust -
    People cant even get 1 bus straight there, pretty selfish of whoever withdrawn the 239!

    Over the past few weeks Blogger did sometthing to the blogging rules that kept only Google members to blog only. Why?