Sunday, 8 May 2011

More on the way

Friday will see these new Enviro 200s entering service in Ashton. There is a ceremony at Ashton depot with the mayor cutting the tape on the release of new buses in the Tameside area. Following that all 12 are being sent out to finish the day off in service. They are expected to be out on the 346 and 347 service.


  1. I thought 15 buses were coming ? very pleased to see the support Stagecoach are giving to Tameside long may it contine.

  2. Hardly Tameside, more like a small part of Ashton and part of Hyde, and then the Guide Bridge area of Ashton and part of Denton.

    Stagecoach seem blinded to the fact there other Tameside services are really struggling. The 236/7 are a shambles, the buses constantly break down, or are very late due to traffic, and thr 347 really needs to be double deck operated as its always packed in the mornings and afternoons, and thats with MAN's, the new Enviro's are 3 seats smaller.
    Plus as the 346 is joint operated with First it would have been nice to see the investment on another service in the town.

  3. what are they replacing

  4. No ones sure whats going from Ashton yet Mic, i would imagine the older S reg MAN's will be more than likely to go, although some of the X reg ones are in bad shape too.

  5. Buspilot9/5/11 16:23

    I'd get rid of the Mayor of Tameside before any of the old MANs...even the clapped out ones!

  6. That's funny BP !
    I don't agree with the comments about the 236/7.
    The only difficulty on that service is the turning circle at the Royal Oak,which is hard enough when the circle is clear, it never is, usually a van or car is there,making a reverse manoeuvre the only option. As for the traffic , It would make no difference if it was an 11 reg bus , it still would be held up !

  7. Has Ashton depot recived extra double decker buses seen differant ones latley anyone know which ones ?

  8. M Branson9/5/11 17:35

    With these buses will come the AdBlue tanks we've all been waiting for to arrive at Ashton. Presumably then, some newer Enviro400s will be able to run from Ashton? If so, hallelujah!

    Allan, I too have seen the different buses running on Ashton duties, though I can't say exactly which ones. I've definitely seen 19013, and I think I've seen 19011, 19012 & 19014.

  9. M Branson9/5/11 17:48

    I'm sure I've also seen 19008 on an Ashton duty.

    Was there a ceremony at Stockport depot when their Enviro200s arrived in late 2009, or when the first Enviro400s came rolling in in 2006, or when all the Trident/ALX400s came in before them for all depots? What about the Presidents in 2003?

    If not, why has it all of a sudden become a big deal? Is it a sign that we shouldn't expect that many new buses in the future, and when we do it'll be a cause to celebrate? Or is it the start of something new and we can expect more brand new buses at Ashton?

    In Hull, there was a big ceremony last year when Stagecoach gave them their first nine Enviro400s, numbered 19684-92. Other than them and some 10-reg Enviro300s, they practically live off Manchester's, London's and elsewhere's cast-offs. Bless!

  10. news on AZ double decks is that 19008 to 16/48 are now based there

    28506/7 remain here aswell

  11. Chris, all i can say is go and observe the 236/7 at 5pm and tell me all is perfect.
    There are two main problems, the 237 does get snarled up in traffic, mainly along the narrow streets of Hadfield, this then effects the 236's as there both interworked. The only day the 236/7 seem to run smoothly is on a Sunday when the bus runs to Glossop on a 236 and then returns to Ashton on a 236, and the same for the 237, they both always run bang on time.
    The other problem is the daft allocations, its crying out for double deckers during the week just like the 347 is.

    Stagecoach have allocated the new buses for one reason, because theres competition from First!

  12. Mic. Thank you for the information on the double deckers now at Ashton

  13. M Branson10/5/11 21:04

    19048 - that was a Princess Road native bus and moved with that fleet to Sharston. This would make it the only 56 reg to reach Ashton depot from Princess Road/Sharston.

  14. M Branson13/5/11 17:43

    The new Enviro200s don't appear to be out yet on the 347, instead there are the usual MANs and a Magic Bus!