Friday, 13 May 2011

Here they are!

All ready for service these are the 12 new buses that will be operating
around Ashton. Whilst a few might not see it a big deal. I think it will be
nice for the people of Haughton green who go to Ashton to sit on something a
bit nicer than a Man bus and same goes for the 346 punters too. I did have a
little play the other day. They are a nice drive a little sluggish to save
fuel but I still a smooth ride.

Pic was taken by someone else I'm on a late in Piccadilly so just off to


  1. Very pleased to see them first report i saw there was to be 15 buses

  2. look good shame stagecoach does not run the 350 they would look good on it but hope 346/47 travellers like them

  3. M Branson13/5/11 22:45

    They did not get out today, on the 347s were the until tomorrow (hopefully!) usual MANs, plus with the one I got on which was Magic Bus 16090! A novelty that was anyway, a rather nice ride.

    I am looking forward to seeing them out in service and will be in Ashton tomorrow arriving by Stagecoach 346 so hopefully I will be boarding at least one of these babies. A welcome relief from the MANs, these will be well received on the 346. Not so sure they will be on the 347 on Monday morning, as we all know the 347s get full to standing only with the MANs, yet these Enviro200s are smaller! I'd say they needed at least 300s for the 347. We'll see how it goes!

  4. 22113/14/15/24/26/213 all the magic livered buses withdrawn have gone to Sheffield

  5. M Branson

    let us know which ones you see

  6. M Branson14/5/11 12:10

    No sign of any Enviro200s today, just MANs I'm afraid.

  7. o dear wonder when they will come out in service

  8. M Branson14/5/11 15:54

    I'ts as if they forgot to install ad-blue at Ashton or something, preventing these new buses from entering service. Imagine if that heppened?

    I do hope they will be out on Monday morning.

  9. we will have to wait and see

    also there was a report on a thread of one of the Dukinfields Dennis Arrows catching fire in Ashton yestaday

  10. I asked a driver today and he said not all the drivers have had training on them, and they should be out early next week.

    Mic, Ashton was hectic to say the least yesterday afternoon, although i didn't see an Arrow on fire, sadly lol.
    The problems seemed to be around Stalybridge and i saw 4 236/7's leave Ashton within 15 mins of each other.
    The Magic bus Olympian was due to work the college 237 back to Glossop at 16.36 but because it was stuck in traffic in Stalybridge a MAN had to make the trip instead which is probably why the Magic bus went onto the 347.

  11. 34617/21/22/24/26 are now in service as from today not sure what has gone

  12. Looks like most of the older MAN's have been withdrawn Mic, the only ones i noticed in service today were the 53 reg ones, none of the older ones were about.
    I noticed a few of the new Enviros on the 236/7 tonight, have to see having been on one i dont like them and prefer the MANS.

  13. Anonymous19/5/11 11:42

    Ive still seen 22128 and 22135 (MAN'S) around Ashton.

  14. Felix what is the seating capacity the chap I get weekly news from wants to know for his records

  15. There 2 or 3 seats less than a MAN i think, although arn't these Enviro's the same size and seating capacity as the ones at Stockport?

    Yes i stand corrected on the MAN front, theres been plenty of older ones in service today on the 217/8 and 236/7.

  16. Anonymous20/5/11 16:52

    Enviro 200s are nice to see on the 236/7 night trips but I prefer the Enviro 400's as I usually see running.

    Maybe they are running the Enviro 200's because I see most Enviro 400's empty.

  17. As i understand it theres too many reasons why the Enviro 400's have been used at nights. I think one reason is saftey. The cab screens in the older MAN's dont offer much protection to drivers and many dont have CCTV.
    The other reason is age, dont forget the evening and Sunday 236/7's are tendered and there is an age limit so alot of the older MAN's fall outside that bracket.

    I have to say i prefer the MAN's. There more roomy and alot quieter on board, theres a contstant whinning on the New Enviro's.

  18. Anonymous21/5/11 09:09

    One of these on 330 service last night (Fri)

  19. Anonymous25/5/11 20:23

    Ive seen 1 Enviro200 on the 231 route, 22165 was seen on the 217 route - have they really withdrawn the older MANS from Ashton?

  20. 22137/39

    22056/91/92 have all gone to Stockport

  21. Anonymous26/5/11 20:09

    These new ones are doing all evening journeys on 330 now. The 400s go to bed early :-)