Saturday, 19 February 2011

Helping hand

This has been a familiar sight around Ashton for the past couple of months. We currently have 4 extra buses working on Ashton new road each day to help with the problems we have due to metrolink works. They are sent from Princess road depot and run for 12 hours each day. It's not hard from my point of view to see they are such a help. Especially at busy times. So expect to see a magic bus in Ashton for a while longer. Been very quiet in Ashton bus station today, which is where i have been. Nothing spectacular to report. Two days of lates coming up in Piccadilly so i think the thermals will be out tomorrow.


  1. You heard anything about Speedwell stopping the S48, Simon?

    Good to see you resume.

  2. I spend a lot of time at Ashton bus station and hear many whispers. None of which have come true yet lol.

  3. those white enrvios speedwell have are owned by Dawson rentals