Thursday, 24 February 2011

Everyday is different.

I'm just on the bus on the way to town. It's nice sometimes leaving the car at home and having a chilled paper reading session on the bus. Especially after yesterdays events. Every bus that went within a 5 mile radius of Denton roundabout was caught up in the chaos due to an accident at midday. I was so Ashton bus station and it was a very very busy day for me. It was only a matter of time it was going to happen on my shift but we managed pretty well. Journey times were doubled but most passengers where very understanding. Although you can't please everyone. It shows everyday really can be a challenge doing this job. And it's not just about checking tickets and ticking boxes. On piccadilly today on the 200s bus stop. Should be ok as the kids are off this week so should have a clean sheet at the end of the day. Back in Ashton tomorrow followed by 3 of my 4 days off spent driving. Saturday and sunday is metrolink work on the bury line. Monday is a nice 1 - 9 duty at Ashton depot. If i can remember the routes lol.

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