Sunday, 27 February 2011

From the old

Thought i would come have a look at the new depot at sharston. I was expecting something like Ashton. Hardly! It's bigger than i thought and looks pretty nice. As new buildings go. They move on the 12th i believe so will have to come for a look after then as the gates are locked at the moment.


  1. exazdriver28/2/11 13:49

    looks great, but its still no replacement for princess road. will the buses be housed outside at sharston?

  2. Yeah they are stored outside like at Ashton. It seems to be how most new depots are being planned out.

  3. Anonymous13/3/11 22:19

    they should have thought to keep princess road open as a historic site in manchester rather than go to sharston to an open air depot which has been given no though haveing said that the engineering department is fabulous pitty they never think about driver facilities who spend half their life there managers may be happy but dosent take much to please !!