Tuesday, 11 September 2012


The Crescent in Salford isn't the most car friendly place in the world. The bus lane coming down from Pendleton is brilliant, if your on a bus that is. I'm guessing the councils little camera car comes out a bit around here as no one seems daring enough to use the his lane. Shame there isn't more like this around Manchester especially around longsight. Almost finished for the day. Been out nice and early checking the morning running times. Few hiccups to sort out but nothing too much to worry about. Should be fine for when the students go back next week.


  1. Dave Williams11/9/12 14:13

    Yet another of the punishments meted out to motorists for having the temerity to vote against the Congestion Charge.

  2. Anonymous11/9/12 19:53

    mcc does have 2 (or 3 now) mobile camera cars but spend most of the time sat idle as the traffic wardens run it and are short staffed at the minute so usually deploy one normally to nth mcr area

    regardss james

  3. Do you know how the Ashton driver went on in Blackpool last Sunday I watched the heats there were many Stagecoach buses from around the country all the drivers showed great skill

    1. I believe came 53 but the best result was a Stockport driver coming third. Very impressive.

  4. When the camera car is around, it is usually parked on the wide bit of pavement next to the red building. As you'll know, Mr 100, I pass here on a daily basis on my commute to work so I do sometimes see it... although not for a little while now! Pity the same isn't said for the outbound bus lane further down on Chapel Street.