Monday, 11 June 2012

Trumpet blowing time

One thing Manchester is good at, is putting on concerts. Over the weekend, Coldplay have been playing at the etihad stadium and transport to and from has been my task for the weekend. It's been a busy and fun job. We had 10 buses travelling to the ground with buses at times leaving Piccadilly in twos on an eight minute service but the real fun part is bringing everyone back. 35 buses all lined up along Ashton new road and using grey mare lane as a storage area for the ones we couldn't fit on the main road. 6 pens were made into a mini bus station which housed the first twelve buses. Finally got home at 1:45 this morning. All passengers were moved, yes a not slower then expected as the traffic was rubbish. But a very successful weekend for us. Back to reality today. And back on familiar ground after a few weeks away from Ashton.


  1. I was at the gig last night and saw you up on that mound, parked my car at HE and was gonna get a bus back.......looked very busy so decided to walk, however I saw the barriers to each bus and showsec security loading them and just thought "top job"

  2. you deserve to blow your trumpet it sounds like a big job good job you have plenty of buses were they all Manchester based or did you have to import any it looked a fine site all those 400s lined up after the concert.