Monday, 19 March 2012

First Day Out

Working in Ashton today and noticed this turn up to do a 168 service in the afternoon. Very odd seeing it come into the bus station and got a lot of attention from the public.

I think they got there first outing today. Managed to get a few pictures as it passed through. Been an odd day today as the 216 and 219 stands were closed for maintenance so I seemed to be all over the place today trying to see that everything was running ok. Very nice afternoon with everything running as well as it should. Who needs a tram!


Also got my new bike last week and as yet have not been anywhere due to an injury I sustained in the gym last week which kept me off work for a few days. Getting back slowly although I have been hobbling about all day.


  1. Good to see the new bus in Ashton bus station from your earlyer report they will be regular visitors to Ashton on the 219 .But surprised to see a Man bus on the 330 thought the 330 was a double decker route.

  2. A few single and double decks swap around in the afternoon peak. This is to make sure that certain journeys on the 347 236 and 237 don't leave anyone behind. It's taken a long time to sort out but it's working well.

    1. Have to agree with you, finally stagecoach has listened to passengers and put deckers on afternoon 236/7's, just a pity it took so long.

  3. I saw one in Stockport last night, they are beautiful, shoot me now !

  4. what depot are they allocated to

  5. The latest batch of "12" plates are at Hyde Road