Monday, 24 February 2014


Though I'd share this. Came in to Ashton This morning with some Dukinfield drivers on it. Not sure where it's going to end up though.


  1. james pennine (former traffic waren too)24/2/14 23:21

    we have up to ten new buses due at pioneer but not confirmed as streetlites so this may explain it. these would replace the x reg darts 40403 and the 3 remaining step entrance deckers

  2. Anonymous25/2/14 16:10

    anything new at stagecoach ashton depot

  3. Andrew Bott3/3/14 07:38

    Pioneer are actually due some Streetlites shonortly to replace aging Darts at the Depot shortly, one of the Instructors from Oldham Depot has been out and about recently training the Pioneer Drivers up on the Streelites

  4. i went on it yestaday on 350 from hey farm at 13.03 to Oldham with an on hire sticker in great bus as good as the ADL darts dirver got swore at in Delph my a lorry driver who though he owned the road

    fleet numbers will be 47466 upwards