Wednesday, 17 April 2013


This chap came back to his car just as the truck was coming to lift it.


  1. For some reason, my original comment on this pic has been posted elsewhere!

    To offense has been committed. Any parking ticket fine,tow away fine issued here, is illegal and invalid. The reason being that the yellow lines are faded to such an extent that they do not comply with legislation.
    There are yellow lines/parking bay/yellow box markings that do not comply all over Greater Manchester.Tickets are still issued and cars lifted by errant parking attendants,acting illegally on behalf of councils.

  2. james pennine (former traffic waren too)1/5/13 08:50

    bus pilot this vehicle is in a location where a series of locations were designated instant lift location due to access problems (i.e accessing loading bays and under ground car parks) this one is infront of the printworks loading bay and is a narrow street so mcc added it to the list it is given a fpn/ticket but this is voided when the owner retrieves his car. the reason this car would be lifted was because a lorry probably couldnt get past into the loading bay in the background.

  3. Buspilot1/5/13 18:15

    Doesn't matter. The road markings do not comply with legislation. The council can designate areas all they want. However if the road markings are illegal, then action by the council is also illegal.

    The council are in the wrong here, by not maintaining the road markings to the legally required standard.If they want to penny pinch by lack of maintenance and carry out illegal acts as a result, then it is down to the council.It is as simple as that.