Thursday, 21 February 2013

Feeling Blue

It's hard to figure out who is lucky enough to own these two darts. Oddly they are both Bluebird buses
Operating the 396 395 out of Ashton. Wasn't sure why there was two of them!
Don't know what's happening with the takeover but time will tell I'm sure. Lots of things going on with my career at the moment but won't go into too much yet but I hope to bring a different angle to this blog. Not decided yet.


  1. The yellow Dart had broken down at lunch time today and was parked on the layover bay but I presume the fitters got it going again.
    Apparently the Bluebird takeover was given the green light today.

  2. i saw it as i was there got my bus 350 Oldham home 13.03 37454