Thursday, 17 January 2013


Always nice to see cars getting lifted. It's a Shame they don't check the bus stops as much as the parking bays in the city.


  1. i used to do that for a job they only lift if parked in disbaled bay, obstruction,no tax but main one for liftin in p/d bays is a prolific parking fine evader and they dont get there car back until all there tickets are paid

  2. There was an anpr van which is also pictured so I bet try lifted it for tax then. No escape from that sort of thing anymore luckily

  3. They need one of those trucks stationed permanently in Rusholme...

  4. for no tax its a £100 fine £110 for release plus a deposit for tax about £60ish its 6 months tax on your class of car refunded when you show you have a valid tax disk all in all about 270 quid but this only applies to mcr city council lifts dvla lifts are about 400 and you have to go to horwich for it.
    in regards to rusholme there is 3 in mcr one for northbound incidents one for southbound and one as emergency incidents but this is a part time one. both trucks will respond to city centre requests but you do see them often on curry mile but when they get there the car has driven away

  5. any idea why stockport buses are operating on the 216 service usually two single deckers

    1. Yip. since September the 216 route has run with two extras which are supplied by Stockport to increase reliability whilst the tram works were finalising. They are being withdrawn from Sunday.