Thursday, 5 July 2012

Week off

Had a great week off this week. Highlights are a bike ride down to the airport and then roxette in concert at the men arena last night with a flawless link to the venue using the metrolink from mumps. It will be even easier why the park and ride is opened in hollinwood. Back to work Saturday.


  1. will you be off to London for the games as well as drivers

    1. Sadly no London for me. I did apply but didn't get the gig.

  2. Lots more Enviro400s on the 347 now I notice, and 19285 has come to Ashton I notice.

  3. Enviro400s are appearing in bigger numbers on the 347, in fact I think they outnumber 200s on there today. Have they finally cottoned onto the fact that the 200s really aren't big enough at peak times? Also I notice 19285 (MX08 GSZ - from Stockport) is at Ashton at the moment, I imagine covering for some poorly Ashton ones finally getting the attention they need after breaking down (in the past few weeks I have heard some right rough sounding ones).

  4. The extra e400s are in replacement for the e200s that are going to London for the Olympics. They will be back don't worry