Monday, 27 February 2012

trouble ahead

This was Wellington road in Ashton on Saturday. The English defence league decided to stop off for a few beers before heading to Hyde to do a march. didn't cause too many problems but it made the day slightly uncomfortable. Back in Ashton today and even cycled into work which was nice. Thought i would take advantage of the good weather.


  1. I feel sorry for the small businesses that decided to close for the day, times are hard enough as it is without having to close for a day due to safety worries :-(

    1. better for buses now going though the centre saw 34094 on 350 tonight

  2. I dont know how the buses are keeping to time this morning (Thursday)we came to a complete stand still on Wellington Rd nearly 30 minutes on the 231 to the Hostital.It must be a headache for you and the drivers.

  3. The bypass is making life very difficult. Horrid white elephant which is a terrible waste of money.

  4. It's mostly down to the traffic light programming which has probably not been thought through by the workers, I was on the 237 which waited behind the lights for nearly 5 mins.

    Oldham100, I looked back at a few blogs in the archive, looked at one of them which is this - you mentioned that 'do the first bus go to Glossop'

    I looked through the GMPTE/TfGM service change archive and it appears that 'First Pennine' used to do the 394 Glossop to Stepping hill jointly with Stagecoach way back since October 2002 and Speedwell bus took over from them. A question solved :)