Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bridgewater Canal

I Went for a ride down the Bridgewater canal yesterday after work. Nice
ride. I did seem to get a little lost somehow. Yes its possible on a
canal.!! I wanted to come off and go to Dunham Massey but missed any signage
(that's if there is any). So I ended up in Runcorn. I found this canal a
little boring probably because it really does go through the middle of no
where. Anyway here are a few pics.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Last day

I'm starting to count down these days as if i am off for a fortnight now. Finish at 130 today and it's a beautiful morning. You can't beat cycling at 4am. We have a chap at our depot who does iron man competitions and he goes out cycling at 2am and covers about 100 miles at a time. I doubt i will ever take it that seriously. Got some top brass coming to look round the depot today to it's looking clean and tidy, or should i say tidier than usual! I'm just sat in stockport on my last of two 330s before breaktime on 19002 which is a great bus. Recently back from the paintshop too looking and sounding like brand new. I'm not sure what they do with them but it works. It's spotless inside too. This picture was taken on my first trip. Not sure how it will turn out on a bigger screen but as always the sunrise on a nice day is always good to see. Well unless i see anything out on my bike thats me for 3 days hope you all have a good weekend. I will and hope i will remember it too. Lol.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Nearly the weekend.

I'm sat in stockport at the moment. It's been a terribly average week compared to the previous few. I have done 7 trips on a 7 this week and i'm getting a bit bored of them now. Oddly 5 of them have been in this bus. The other two on 28506. There was plans to shut the metrolink this sunday again but i think the pride weekend has made them change there mind. I'm off after tomorrow and not back in until tuesday. Really ready for the break to be honest. Lots going on in september if everything works out, will let you know. I heard there are strikes planned in liverpool soon but not sure why. I understand it's not about pay either but can't find anything on the net? I'm on my bike tomorrow and hoping for some nice weather so i can go try the bridgewater canal out to the deer park someone mentioned but it depends on the monsoons we have been having.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


It's 4am. I'm just heading through ashton on my bike to work and have come across this. It looks like someone has been on a rampage through ashton overnight. The windows at the halifax have been put through and the flowers have bed ripped out of the pots in the town centre. I did stop a police car further down the road who told me they arrested the idiot involved but at about 3k a piece i doubt they will get the money for them windows back. Seemed nice when i left home but that soon turned into a monsoon as i headed down oldham road. I'm looking forward to the weekend and 3 days off at the end of an 18 day run of long days. There where times yesterday when i had really had enough. The new road was just a mess at tea time, made worse with manchester city fans all going to the match. Add to this having to tell people the fares have gone up whilst loading 70 people in piccadilly when they get on with the old right money for a change and it made a pretty poor day. I'm going to head out on my bike after work, the weather will dictate where i go later.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Play time

If there i one good thing about this week, it's that i have found a new playground for me and my mountain bike. I will definatly be am covering more of south manchester i think. I'm just at brooklands station and this is the bridgewater canal. I think it runs to runcorn from castlefield. Can't wait to get a nice day off to see what it's like. Trams are running so just seeing how long we go before getting called in.

Getting there

This is a shot of pollard street i took earlier in the week. It shows how they are cracking on with the metrolink works closer to town. It's all taking shape now. I think pollard street should be back open in the next couple of weeks. I'm just at princess road to do the bus replacement for the planned works. However! I have heard the trams are running and the works were cancelled due to the problems earlier in the week so we might all be driving around with noone on the bus. Back down here on a late tomorrow and then back to normal monday morning. It was expected but the fares are on the increase next week. Everything apart from the day and mega rider are going up. Its the start of a long term plan to make just 3 single fares. A short medium and long journey fare. Sounds like a good plan to me should help combat fare dodgers.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

The calm

It's all quiet in hulme at the moment. This is stretford road. I'm getting pretty good at finding my way around here now. I'm just waiting to do the 710 bus from trafford bar to altrincham. It's been a crazy few days. I believe they are going to be testing the tram at some point this morning but not sure when so for the time being we just carry on. I'm back down here until sunday anyway on the planned works on saturday morning and sunday night. Tomorrow if the tram is working i will do doing the oxford road magic buses which i have not done for about 2 years now. A great week this week. There are drivers from all over the place on this metrolink work all doing the maximum allowed hours. Don't think the bank manager will be happy when i'm back on a 38 hour week.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Long Tough Day

I am Back at Princess Road today. Its 515am I start at 7. Yesterday was a
very long day indeed. Needless to say I reach my daily driving limit. I will
probably be doing the same today too. It's incredible, well I think it is,
how they managed to cover every single Metrolink journey from Trafford bar
to Altrincham and back at the drop of a hat. It's not just a case of sending
a bus out and letting it drive around for the day. People were called in on
there holidays, days off and taken off other things to cover the work which
is from 5am till 2am. I have never seen anything like it before anyway.
Suppose if you don't know the system it's hard to explain how great it was
run yesterday. Today is a little easier though. I'm not sure when on
Thursday the tram is going to start running. Hopefully later on in the day.
I like the overtime. I'm really missing the gym though with these longs days
and 10 hours sat on a bus seat makes you ache a little when you get home.
Yes sitting on your arse hurts oddly. This picture by the way was taken on
Monday. You can't even catch a bus now without someone asking you to buy
something. This one was selling Talk Talk telephone service?

Monday, 16 August 2010

Head for heights

This is a job i wouldn't fancy doing. These guys have been painting the flats in ashton for a week or so now. It's was interesting to see them come down very quickly when the thunder storm appeared on thursday or friday last week. On a 9-5 today so i cycled in coz the sun is finally back. I'm not sure what went wrong but the metrolink is off today between altrincham and piccadilly. I'm back at princess road tomorrow morning doing another day down there so must be a bad problem. I have been asked to go down for the week so will see what happens.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

More metrolink

On metrolink replacement today on the altrincham line today. Overtime too which is always welcome. The line is closed from 4pm and i finish at midnight easy this and a very nice drive. Working out of princess road again too. I don't get down to this part of the county very much so it does make a nice change. Back at ashton 9am.

Manchester Goes Green!

Many thanks goes to a friend of mine. I cannot get to Hyde road this week to
see these buses arrive for there fleet numbers and op details to be put on
so here are the pics I have been given.

I Believe these are destined for the 42 and 43. So at a top speed of 40 something don't expect to get there in a hurry!!
Thank James Brompton For the pics.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

New Blog To Read.

If you used to read Martyn Bryant blog, which you will know stopped producing earlier in the year then you will like this. He is part of the team writing this one. Worth keeping up with. I wouldnt normally link like this but he does a very good job. Here is the link. I'll also leave a link on this site for it too.

Totally average

Very average day today. Not much happening apart from sitting in traffic on the new road for twenty minutes and having to swap my bus for this one at stockport on the 7. The bus didn't like my singing and decided to stop working. I'm getting a bit bored of this monsoon season we are having and would like some more sun before the winter comes. I'm done after this trip and back in at 630ish tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Early Morning Ride

I have been out this morning up to Hollingworth Lake. Glorious up there at
7am. Felt like I had the place to myself. After that I headed down the
Rochdale canal for coffee in town then headed up the New Road and home.
Good Start to the day. It's a shame we have to read about what's going to
dominate the Manchester Evening News all day. The Story is regarding the
young girl who was asked not to breast feed her child on the bus. Here is the link to the story. I cannot comment on the rights and wrongs of breastfeeding as I am unaware of company policy
and know nothing of the health implications. Common sense would have
prevailed in this instance! Feel free to comment on the story though.

SHE LIED!!! Won't lower myself to saying too much about it.
This is why we love CCTV. Too many people feel the need to seek attention sadly and this is just one of them cases. I wonder if the 100+ comments slating us will be removed my the MEN!! I very much doubt it.
Thanks Chris,  here is the revised story from the MEN. Oddly she is still harking on she was ordered off the bus? Is ODD the word i am looking for?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Nice treat.

Been on the 216s this afternoon. Not to bad today. Leading upto peak time we get extra time at each end to make sure the buses get out as they should. Today i got this 59 plate enviro from stockport. I don't know why we have it. We seem to have a few loan buses at the moment. I can only guess the paint shop is doing extra work whist the kids are off. Nice drive this once it gets going. Although i can probably set off quicker on my mountain bike. On a late tomorrow not looked what it's on yet.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Cycle to Liverpool

I deleted the Where am I post. The date messed up on it because I put the
wrong date in my mobile phone for some reason so when it uploaded it read
the date off the phone. Not to worry, Been over to Liverpool again today on
my mountain bike. This time I went up the East Lancs. road. Very nice cycle
path along side the road there. I think I will be definitely doing it
again. Week of late duties coming up after tomorrows 10 hour day and I am
back at Princess road doing the Altrincham cover on the Metrolink on a late
on Sunday. Nice week really.

Friday, 6 August 2010


Don't think i need to explain too much what this bus has been upto. Recently back to be fixed up after a long investigation. I'm sure it will take some time to get it back on the road. Back at ashton today and tomorrow for overtime. Then i'm off for three days which will be a most welcome rest.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Something missing?

Just come off my first part. Found this enviro 200 chassis sat here. Not sure what it's for but it's interesting to see whats inside the bus under all the fibre glass, plastic and aluminium.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Interesting week

I suppose working at ashton i have become somewhat relaxed in doing my job. The pace of work life is somewhat slower than working in the city all day long. Whilst i an enjoying doing this metrolink replacement, i find coming home with a headache isn't my cup of tea. The buzz of working in the city is brilliant and i love being busy and having to fight through traffic but i'll stick with the cruising through glossop and mossley with the odd trip on a 216 thrown in. I really don't know how more people don't get run over. Especially around the printworks area, the first drivers are brilliant in getting there buses around there all day and night without bumping into anything. Although we have managed it all week too may i add. Such a busy side of town which i have never worked until this week. And loved it. Had a few moaning people which is normal, but most have been pretty impressed with the service we have given. It's nice to recieve so many nice comments from people who have been put out somewhat. Anyway, this picture is the fire station near piccadilly station. A magnificent building with a great sunset behind it. I hope the picture comes out as good as it looked tonight. Back in at 10 tomorrow. Back at ashton friday and saturday before a couple of days off.

Monday, 2 August 2010

A Few Pics Of Princess Road

I can really see the attraction people have with working here. There seems a
nice buzz about the place. Here is a few pictures I tool yesterday thought I
would get them out the way before the manic week starts. I'm back at Ashton
on Friday and Saturday for my overtime days before 2 days off. I'm not in
until 930today which is annoying because I wanted to see the Monday morning
rush at Woodlands as everyone came off the tram. There is supposed to be a 3
minute service at peak today which means 16 buses running this route at busy
times. I will be doing the evening service however when people are fed up
tired and just want to go home so I have that to look forward too. I'm sure
my electric smile will heal there misery lol Yeah right!!!

Interestingly, I thought this week I would have a sit back and not worry
about what ticket people have when they got on. WRONG..On Saturday I
realised people were treating it like a free Woodlands Road to Piccadilly
bus service and just walking on without paying. Since then I have turned
away about 50 people and even snatched my first expired college pass which I
wasn't expecting this week. Good old pass watch, May it continue...

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Well today is certainly a long one. I started at 930 and finish at 730. However driving time has been about 6 hours lol. I am sat in stevenson square at the moment waiting 30 minutes to do the last trip. We are keeping the buses running on tram times and it is very quiet on the roads today so no problems. I bet things will be a different story tomorony morning though. I'm here for the tea time rush so i'll cop for it in the afternoon but i'm led to believe it will be a 3 minutes bus service from woodlands road tomorrow to meet demand. It's very enjoyable doing this up to now. The nicest part is being able to fill the bus whilst being stood at the door. Sometimes the glass can be a little frustrating especially when you are getting questions fired at you. I have swatted up on the closure so i'm not too bad but judging by some moans i have heard not everyone seems to be so helpful. And no thats not me blowing my own trumpet! Last trip and home back at 940 tomorrow. The pic by the way is woodlands road tram stop. I do have a load of picture of princess road depot and night pop them on sometime this week.